File name Description
XSC CICCS Application Guidelines 2022.pdf START HERE – PLEASE READ THIS FIRST.
2022 CICCS Qualification Guide.pdf 2022 CICCS Qualification Guide
Appendix A.pdf Appendix A – 2020 Equivalency Matrix – 04/17/23
Appendix B.pdf Appendix B – Glossary – 06/25/18
Appendix C.pdf Appendix C – Position Task Book – PMS 311 – 10/2013 – Sample
Appendix D.pdf Appendix D – ICS 225 FEMA Incident Personnel Performance Rating
Appendix D Sample.pdf Appendix D – ICS 225 WF NFES 001576 – Sample
Appendix E.pdf Appendix E – 2018 CICCS Peer Review Application
Appendix F IQS.pdf Appendix F – 2018 CICCS Qualification Card – IQS
Appendix F PDF.pdf Appendix F – 2018 CICCS Qualification Card – PDF
Appendix G.pdf Appendix G – 2018 Resource Websites – 01/04/18
2024 CAL FIRE SCU Update 2024 CAL FIRE Update
PG&E Presentation.pptx PG & E Presentation by Cal Fire Battalion Chief Mike Mathieson
OES Refresher- 2024 STEN Cal OES Presentation By Chief Courson
Maps, GPS, & Mobile Apps.pdf Maps, GPS & Mobile Apps presentation by CNT Fire Fighter Chris Ingram
F42 and F78 Forms.pdf How to Complete the F-42 and F-78 documents
STEN Matrix for Delegation.pdf Strike Team Leader – Delegation of Duties for Strike Team Captains
STEN Radio Drill.pdf STEN Radio Drill Instructional Guide
CFAA Workshop June.pdf 2013 California Fire Assistant Agreement (CFAA) Workshop Information
Claim Forms Checklists.pdf Claim forms checklist from Cal Fire Battalion Chief Darrell Wolf
Directives Tracking Form.pdf County Chief’s Directive Tracking Form
2009 STEN Admin Scenarios.ppt Scenarios PowerPoint Presentation (2 MB)
Confined Space Permit.pdf Confined Space Permit