Bill Wilson Center (BWC) 

BWC Parenting Workshop focuses on building and strengthening the skills and resources parents need to care for, guide and encourage their children. With an emphasis on communication skills and mutual respect, our curriculum follows the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) program.

This program helps parents build meaningful connections with their children so they can better understand the cause of their child’s misbehavior.

For more information, dates or to register, please contact Bill Wilson Center at (408) 243-0222 and ask for an Intake Counselor.


Parent Project (Santa Clara County)

The District Attorney’s Office in collaboration with law enforcement agencies countywide, school districts countywide, the City of San Jose, and counseling agencies countywide present:
Because the tougher it gets to be a kid…the tougher it gets to be a parent!

Created by a psychologist, an educator, a police officer and attending parents, the Parent Project® is a program with proven results for parents dealing with challenging teens.

For every question you ask, we promise concrete answers:

  • Sidestep arguments and conflicts at home
  • Improve school attendance and performance
  • Prevent, recognize or intervene in alcohol/drug use and/or gang activity
  • Address threats of violence or running away

For more information, dates or to register, please contact Parent Project Coordinator at (408) 808-3794 or via email.

Parent Project 

Parent Project Santa Clara County