The Fire Prevention Division provides hazardous materials inspection, services for building construction, annual building inspection, and hazardous materials regulation. The Fire Prevention Division provides a comprehensive fire/life safety plan review for land development, new building construction, interior remodel projects, fire suppression and fire alarm systems. In addition, periodic construction inspections are performed to ensure that completed projects conform to both state and local fire safety regulations.

Land Development and Building Construction

Fire and Building Codes often require that land development and building construction projects meet local fire department standards for fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems, fire access roadways, etc. The Santa Clara County Fire Department publishes many such standards and guidelines that are readily available to architects, engineers or the general public.

Annual Fire Safety Inspections

For existing commercial buildings, the Fire Prevention Division provides an annual inspection program that is delivered through both Prevention Division and fire station personnel. All Department personnel are part of the fire prevention team. Annual inspections are conducted to ensure reasonable compliance with the general and specific fire safety regulations for each occupancy type as specified in the adopted Fire and Building Codes.

Brush Abatement Program

The Santa Clara County Fire Department manages and implements a hazardous brush abatement program for hillside areas within its jurisdictional boundaries. In January of each year, homeowners are reminded that they must remove native brush and vegetation from around their home to create defensible space. The brush abatement program entails inspections of hillside properties by fire crews beginning early April each year. If properties are found to not be in compliance with the regulations found in the California Fire Code relative to vegetation clearance they are given notice of the violation. If compliance is still not achieved by approximately the end of June each year, a contractor is authorized to perform the necessary work. The costs associated with the abatement work are then placed on the property tax bill for that parcel. For questions concerning the Brush Abatement Program, contact the Fire Prevention Division.

Special Events

Throughout the year, the Fire Prevention Division provides plan review and inspection services for a variety of special events such as; carnivals, fairs and festivals, fireworks shoots, haunted houses, etc.