Plan SubmittalS

Plans Examination Process

Check to see if your project is in SCCFD’s jurisdiction.


Submit to: 16795 Lark Ave, Suite 200, Los Gatos, CA

Properties located in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County need to be submitted to 70 W. Hedding, 7th Floor San Jose, CA. Call (408) 299-5760 for more information on process.

Find and complete application

Submittal Turn Around Time:

  • Original submittals will be turned around in ten business days or fewer.
  • Afternoon submittals will be date stamped for the following business day.
  • No fees for resubmittals, revisions, or as-builts.
  • Resubmittals, revisions, and as-builts will be turned around in five business days or fewer.

All submittals will be given a Fire Prevention plan check number for reference.
To schedule an inspection, call (408) 378-4010 and ask to speak to Fire Prevention.

Necessary Items for Submittals

ALARM Application
A copy of the Building Permit from the city/town must be included (if applicable)
3 Sets of plans – minimum size 24″ x 36″
2 Device Cut sheet
2 Battery Calculation
2 Voltage Drop Calculation
2 CSFM Listing Info
Business license for city/town work is being performed in
SPRINKLER Application
3 Sets of Plans – minimum size 24″ x 36″
2 Calculations
2 Manufacturers’ data and listing sheet for each sprinkler model being used
Building permit – must be issued from city/town (if applicable)
Business license – for city/town work is being performed in
Copy of water supply data from water purveyor indicating location and date. The water flow data must have been taken within the last 12 months. 
NOTE: For hydraulically designed systems, the information on the hydraulic data nameplate shall be located on the plan.
NFPA 13 (2016) 23.1.3
HOOD & DUCT, ETC.       Application
Copy of system design specifications/manual
3 Sets of Plans – minimum size 24″ x 36″
Business license for city/town work is being performed in
HAZ MAT Submittal items will vary
Contact the Fire Prevention Division at (408) 341-4420

Fire Protection System Submittals


Hazardous Material Plan Submittals

Model Rocket

Over the Counter Submittals


Schedule an Inspection

Tents and Membrane Structures