XSC Regional Intterra Operations


Your Real-Time Situational Awareness and Decision Support Tool

You have more than a single incident to manage. You have tradeoffs to consider and quick decisions to make across your operational area.

Intterra takes the complexity of your CAD activity and makes it visual and understandable at a glance and the view is dynamic; same as the work you do every day. Zoom out and see everything, or zoom in and see all the detail for a specific location or planned operation.

By pairing the real-time CAD data with local geographic information, emergency preplan data and all hazard response planning, a platform emerges that enables mutual cooperation when it matters most.

Intterra Maps

Santa Clara County, Santa Clara, and Milpitas Fire Departments along with Santa Clara County EMS have been working to build the foundation of this multi-agency decision support tool, however your agencies participation is vital to the success of this project. When agencies work together to share information we collectively become safer, more efficient, and more capable of working hard when things are at their worst. Using Intterra in conjunction with a state of the art PrePlan tool called First Due Size Up as foundational platforms, this decision support tool will permit access to real-time geographic information and intelligence to help first responders make decisions, from firefighter to duty officer.

What’s Available/Key Components of XSC Intterra:

  • Structure PrePlan Information
  • Wildfire PrePlans
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Large event preplans (MultiDiscipline)
  • Automated Vehicle Location and Unit Status
  • At-a-glance resource strength
  • All-Hazard and Wildland Response Information and Intel
  • Local map-centric data; engage your GIS specialists and display community information alongside dynamic CAD data



1. Register for a view-only partner account by clicking here

2. Become part of the XSC regional program team (generally an Ops Chief, BC-level resource)

3. Prioritize work with your IT team to enable CAD data sharing (generally 3-4 weeks in duration; 5-7 days of effort)

4. Learn how to mobilize this across your agency. A regional train-the-trainer approach is being developed.  For more information, your training division can contact Grant Coordinator Justin Stockman at Justin.Stockman@sccfd.org


CAD Integration

Get started by filling out the tech survey and speaking with Intterra. Click here for the tech survey, and click here for more information regarding how to connect your CAD and AVL data with the XSC Operational platform.