9-1-1 is recognized as the nationwide emergency telephone number.
Santa Clara County has an Enhanced 9-1-1 or E9-1-1 system that automatically displays the telephone number, address and name for which the phone is listed if the call is made from a wireline or "landline" telephone. If the caller is unable to remain on the line, unable to speak or if the call is disconnected, the dispatcher (call taker) can still obtain enough information to send help. Some 9-1-1 systems can reconnect a caller and transfer callers to other agencies or telephone numbers with a single button.


PSA Video: What Happens When You Call 9-1-1 in Santa Clara County 


How to Report Emergencies

  • Dial 9-1-1.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Remain calm. 
  • State your name, location of the emergency and telephone number.
  • Provide as much information as possible.
  • Stay on the telephone, answer all questions asked, and follow any instructions that the 9-1-1 dispatcher may give.

WHERE? Where are you located?  Provide address or location information.
WHAT? What happened?
WHO? Who is involved?  Is anyone hurt?
WHEN? When did it happen? Is the emergency going on right now?
WHY? Remain on the phone, dispatcher will ask follow-up questions.

9-1-1 Safety Tips

Stay on the line. 
Your call will be answered as soon as possible.

Do have any information available.
Write it down if necessary.

Do let the dispatcher ask the questions.
The dispatcher will determine how to best help you.

Do stay on the line as long as needed.
The dispatcher may need to update information.

Telephone Tips for Emergencies