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Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Training

Prerequiste for this class: First Aid Merit Badge

To earn the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge, BSA Scouts (ages 12-17) may attend either a Personal Emergency Preparedness (PEP) class or an Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge training class. This merit badge also includes a list of required self-study items.

The Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge training is offered at Midways twice annually. To enroll in one of the Midway Emergency Preparedness training classes, contact the sponsoring Troop below:

  • BSA Scout Troop 325  - Spring/Summer Midway
  • BSA Scout Troop 2 - Fall/Winter Midway
Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Requirements

Please review the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Requirements. Self-Study requirements must be completed prior to attending the Midway Merit Badge class.

Classroom training to earn Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge includes the following topics:

  • Bay Area Risks and Emergency Procedures
    -Responding to disasters
    -Impacts to infrastructure and communities
  • Be Ready for Disasters
    -Preparing at home
    -Make a Plan
    -Get a Kit
    -Stay Informed
  • Fire Safety
    -Home fire safety
    -Smoke alarms/CO alarms
    -Home escape planning
  • Fire Extinguishers
    -Classes of fire/types of extinguishers
    -Operating a fire extinguisher
    -Safety precautions
  • Household Hazardous Materials
    -Identifying and disposing of household hazardous materials
    -Responding to hazardous materials emergencies
  • Recognizing and Treating Life Threatening Conditions
    -Obstructed airway
    -Hands-Only CPR
    -Control bleeding

Girl Scout

Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts working on their First Aid badge can schedule a fire station tour and talk with firefighters about how to get help (call 9-1-1), how they respond to emergencies, how to treat and prevent certain injuries, and more to satisfy the First Aid badge requirements for each level.

To schedule a station tour, please contact the Community Education Services at (408) 378-4010 or via email.

Brownie First Aid (grades 2–3, ages 7-9) 
  • Find out how to get help from 9-1-1
  • Talk to someone who treats injured people
  • Make a first aid kit
  • Learn how to treat minor injuries
  • Know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries
Junior First Aid (grades 4–5, ages 9-11) 
  • Learn the first steps to take in an emergency
  • Talk to first responders
  • Make a portable first aid kit
  • Find out how to handle urgent first aid issues
  • Know how to take care of someone who is sick
Cadette First Aid (grades 6-8, ages 11-14) 
  • Understand how to care for younger children
  • Know how to use everything in a first aid kit
  • Find out how to prevent serious outdoor injuries
  • Know the signs of shock and how to treat it
  • Learn to prevent and treat injuries due to weather
Senior First Aid (grades 9–10, ages 14-16)
  • Find out how to perform triage
  • Know how to help a head or neck injury
  • Learn how to use everyday objects to make splints
  • Recognize the signs of alcohol and drug overdose
  • Share your knowledge with others
Ambassador First Aid (grades 11-12, ages 16-18) 
  • Learn how to handle wilderness medical emergencies
  • Research careers that save lives in extreme conditions
  • Find out how to care for a critically injured person
  • Know how to move an injured person
  • Explore handling real-life wilderness emergencies