Disasters don’t plan ahead. You can!​ 


What is ReadySCC?ready scc

ReadySCC is a FREE, mobile App that can help prepare you and your family for disasters. Use ReadySCC to build up emergency supplies and store vital emergency contacts and links to resources​.

ReadySCC also includes what you need to know about common disasters within Santa Clara County, such as earthquakes, floods and wildfires as well as local services, resources, and tools (a flashlight, SOS beacon and alarm) that you may need during a disaster. 

How does ReadySCC work?

ReadySCC is an interactive App to help you create an emergency supply kit, stock food and water, first aid kits, go-bags as well as store critical information such as out-of-town contacts and meet-up locations for family members. 

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Information entered is not uploaded to County servers but rather stored right on your phone or personal device. The only information the County receives about the App is how many times it has been downloaded. Where does the information within the ReadySCC App come from?

The information and recommendations found on ReadySCC and in the Need to Know Guides is based on preparedness information published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) www.ready.gov and Department of Homeland Security. 

Do I need to download ReadySCC if I’ve already signed up for AlertSCC?

Yes. Download and use ReadySCC so that you’re prepared to take care of yourself and your family when you receive an emergency alert or a disaster strikes without warning.​

If you have not done so already, register with AlertSCC to ensure you receive important advisories, alerts and warnings in the event of a disaster. 

Does ReadySCC work if I don’t have a phone or internet service?

ReadySCC stores your information and the things you need to know on your cell phone so that it’s ready and available in the event of a disaster. When without data/internet access, you will not be able to receive updates regarding evacuation centers, shelters or evacuation routes through the App. Once connected to the internet, then you’ll receive all of the latest information available on the App.​

How do I download the ReadySCC App?

ReadySCC is FREE and available from the App Store to download to an iPhone or iPad and from Google Play for download to an Android device. 



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