Shannon Fire Station/ Maintenance Shop
16565 Shannon Road
Los Gatos, CA 95032

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Shannon Fire Station

Shannon Fire Station covers the eastern part of the Town of Los Gatos.  It houses a Type 1 structural engine, a Type 3 wildland engine, and logistical trailers.  The main fire station building houses the crew quarters, offices, and apparatus bays for the engines. The fire station has a storage building that houses the logistical trailers as well as a room to store and repair additional fire hose used throughout the Department.  The storage building also houses the facilities maintenance crafts worker and building repair supplies.  The storage building also has electrical solar panels installed on the roof.  This is the only station in the Department that has solar power. The station has a drafting pit used to annually test the pumps on all Department pumpers and trucks. 

The station has a logistical utility vehicle used to tow the trailers assigned to the station. It is a 2008 Ford F550 flatbed truck with a lift gate.

The 4 trailers assigned to the station each have a specific purpose.  EMS 782 carries equipment used in a mass casualty incident.  DeCon 782 carries equipment used in the event a large number of people need to be de-contaminated due to a Hazardous Materials release event.  Wood 782 carries lumber and equipment used in a collapsed structure or collapsed trench event.  CalOES USAR 1187 is owned by the State of California and is staffed by Department USAR trained personnel and deployed to an incident in the State of California involving collapsed structures due to an earthquake or other natural disaster.

The station also houses a 1940 Dodge antique hose wagon.  This vehicle is used for parades and other public events.  The vehicle originally belonged to the Burbank Fire Department prior to becoming part of Santa Clara County Central Fire District in 1970.


Engine 82
The Type 1 structural engine (E82) is a 2008 KME 1250 gpm pumper and has a crew of 3 personnel. A Captain, a Firefighter/Engineer, and a Firefighter/Engineer-Paramedic. The engine is Advanced Life Support capable.

Engine 382
The Type 3 wildland engine (E382) is a 2009 International/Placer 500 gpm 4 wheel drive pumper and has a crew of 3 personnel. The engine is cross-manned by the crew of E82. The engine is Advanced Life Support capable.

Station History

The station was originally built in 1960 by the Town of Los Gatos for the Los Gatos Fire Department.  The original station had a 3 story training tower and a basement classroom.  The station became part of the Santa Clara County Central Fire District in 1970 when the Los Gatos Fire Department consolidated with the Santa Clara County Central Fire District.  The station was renovated and remodeled in 1997 eliminating the training tower and added a large storage building in its place.

Shannon Maintenance Shop

Built in 2009, this 3600 sq. ft. shop/warehouse, hosts 1 general maintenance crafts worker who maintains all Santa Clara County Fire facilities. This warehouse stores other fire department equipment and is the location of the SCCFD hose repair facility.

Quick Facts
Built: Built in 1960 by the Town of Los Gatos
Remodeled in 1997
Staffing: 3
Apparatus: E82
Support vehicles 
Size: 3,152 sq. ft. 2-bay, single deep, drive-through