Santa Clara County Fire Department

El Monte

El Monte Fire Station
12355 El Monte Rd
Los Altos Hills, CA 94024

Built: 1996

station 14

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Located on the southern edge of the Foothill College campus, El Monte station provides protection to the campus and the Los Altos Hills community, a mixture of very expensive homes, rolling open spaces and wooded hillsides. This "urban wilderness interface" requires the ability to react to both urban and woodland fires, so Patrol 14, a 4x4 International is stationed here, along with Rescue 14 and Truck 14. All vehicles are select-call units; the Truck is used for urban calls, while the Rescue, being shorter, is used to respond up the winding hillside roads.

El Monte Station is the only station in the department with traditional fire poles for personnel to slide down to the apparatus floor on. This station is responsible for repair, maintenance, inspection and refilling of the department's SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

See the apparatus page for an explanation of the vehicle renumbering.

Truck 14

Truck 74 (formerly Truck 14) is a 1996 Smeal/HME quint with a 75' (23M) ladder and 1500 gpm (5685 l/m) pump.

rescue 14

Rescue 74 (formerly Rescue 14) is a 2007 KME with a 1250 gpm (4740 l/m) pump. Photo 28 Feb 2009.


Engine 374 (formerly Engine 314) is a 2009 Placer/International Type 3 4x4 with a 500gpm (1890 l/m) pump and a 500 gallon (1890 l) tank.

battalion 14
photo: Bruce Dembecki

Battalion 74 (formerly Battalion 14) is a 2008 Ford F250 crewcab pickup with a bed cap.

Los Altos Hills CERT

El Monte station is also where this Ford Escape Hybrid, used by the Los Altos Hills CERT, is housed.

Patrol 14 Patrol 14

Patrol 14

2nd & 3rd photos: Captain Craig Jessup

Former Patrol 14, now Engine 307, is a 1990 KME/International Navistar 4x4 with 500gpm (1895 l/m) rear-mounted pump and 500 gallon (1895 l) tank. Like the Redwood Station rigs that also have to operate on narrow, winding mountain roads, Patrol 14 has extra lights that point diagonally "cross-eyed" across the headlight beams. These lights, mounted on the fenders above the headlights, are connected to come on only when the high beams and a deadman foot switch are activated, to help the driver see around sharp corners when the headlights are pointing straight ahead. The second and third shots were taken during wildland training exercises, May 2001.

rescue 14 old rescue 14

Former Rescue 14s were a 2001 KME with a 1250 gpm (4740 l/m) pump (left, photo 24 Jan 2003), and a 1990 KME/Renegade with a 1500gpm (5685 l/m) pump, (right, photo taken 2000.)

r14 and p14
photo: Battalion Chief Bob Smith

The 1990 Rescue 14 on a nighttime call along Highway 280.

For additional photos of the apparatus stationed at El Monte, as well as detailed information about the anatomy of an engine and the tools it carries, visit the Los Altos Hills County Fire District website.

antique iconHistoric Photos

For historic photos of Los Altos' Fire Department, before it joined County, click here.

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