Santa Clara County Fire Department

Girl Scout First Aid Badge Training

Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts working on their legacy First Aid badge can schedule fire station tours, interviews and classes to satisfy the First Aid badge requirements for each level. For more information, please contact the Community Education office at 408.378.4010.

Brownie notebook Brownie First Aid
  1. Find out how to get help from 9-1-1
  2. Talk to someone who treats injured people
  3. Make a first aid kit
  4. Learn how to treat minor injuries
  5. Know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries
GSA 1st Aid Brownie Grade 2-3.pdf

Brownie 1st aid badge
Junior notebook Junior First Aid
  1. Learn the first steps to take in an emergency
  2. Talk to first responders
  3. Make a portable first aid kit
  4. Find out how to handle urgent first aid issues
  5. Know how to take care of someone who is sick
GSA 1st Aid Junior Grade 4-5.pdf

Junior 1st aid badge
Cadette notebook Cadette First Aid
  1. Understand how to care for younger children
  2. Know how to use everything in a first aid kit
  3. Find out how to prevent serious outdoor injuries
  4. Know the signs of shock and how to treat it
  5. Learn to prevent and treat injuries due to weather
GSA 1st Aid Cadette Grade 6-8.pdf

Cadette 1st aid badge
Senior notebook Senior First Aid
  1. Find out how to perform triage
  2. Know how to help a head or neck injury
  3. Learn how to use everyday objects to make splints
  4. Recognize the signs of alcohol and drug overdose
  5. Share your knowledge with others
GSA 1st Aid Senior Grade 9-10.pdf

Senior 1st aid badge
Ambassador notebook Ambassador First Aid
  1. Learn how to handle wilderness medical emergencies
  2. Research careers that save lives in extreme conditions
  3. Find out how to care for a critically injured person
  4. Know how to move an injured person
  5. Explore handling real-life wilderness emergencies
GSA 1st Aid Ambassador Grade 11-12.pdf

Ambassador 1st aid badge

A downloadable/printable Escape Plan Mapgrid is available on the form Forms page.

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