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Blasting Cap Safety

blasting cap poster

Help prevent needless, tragic accidents involving blasting caps and other explosive materials.

Here's how:

  • Get this poster and put it in schools, churches, public buildings.
  • Teach children what blasting caps look like.
  • Advise anyone who may find a blasting cap
    • not to touch it, and
    • to report "the find" to the police or fire department immediately.

This photo illustrates blasting caps and related material. Blasting is necessary in mining, stone, rock and gravel quarrying, lumbering; road and rail construction; digging foundations; seismographic exploration; tunneling; irrigation and flood control; and demolition.

Most heavy construction work demands explosives. Blasting caps, like all tools, call for complete respect and careful attention to safety precautions.

Federal, state and local authorities set rules for the proper transportation, storage, handling and use of explosive materials. Occasionally, blasting caps may be lost or stolen. Theft and vandalism are usually responsible for the few blasting caps which are found by children or uninformed persons. While their numbers are small, the hazards can be great, since blasting caps are sensitive explosives which can be set off easily.

Blasting caps are designed to explode with tremendous force to detonate commercial explosives. They should be handled only by trained experts. In unskilled hands, an exploding blasting cap can mutilate fingers, cause blindness and deafness - or kill.

For free copies of the poster shown in the photo above, and related safety educational materials, contact:

The Institute of Makers of Explosives (

1120 Nineteenth St, N.W., Suite 310

Washington DC 20036-3605

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