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OES Apparatus

OES apparatus is leant to departments on permanent loan by the State of California Office of Emergency Services (OES), on the agreement that if called for by the state it will be staffed and sent where needed. By doing this, the state makes sure that equipment is spaced and available should it be required during a major emergency. In return, local departments get the use of an engine paid for by the state. Because it is part of the state's fleet, OES rigs do not necessarily look like or contain the same standard equipment that the rest of a department's fleet has.

Originally called the California Disaster Office, it's name was later changed to the Office of Civil Defense and again to it's current Office of Emergency Services.

OES apparatus old civil defense 8
left: Santa Clara County Fire Dept Archive

right: Official Photograph Santa Clara County

Two photos of Civil Defense 8 (OCD 8), a 1953 GMC/Van Pelt, shown at Quito station. CD 8, known as Engine 18, was replaced by OCD 108 in July 1967.

International/Van Pelt cd108
Santa Clara County Fire Dept Archive

OES apparatus oes108

left: Santa Clara County Fire Dept Archive

right: Wayne Sorenson Collection

OCD 108 OES apparatus

both: Santa Clara County Fire Dept Archive

OCD 108, a 1966 International V-206/Van Pelt, 700 gallon tank, 1000gpm pump. It served at Tully station, where it was assigned in July 1967. In the first photo, OCD 108 is drafting from the test pit at the Tully HQ, October 1963. First photo 4 Feb 1974; fifth photo Dec 1968.

OES apparatus
Santa Clara County Fire Dept Archive

campbell66int_oes108_1 campbell66int_oes108_2

Wayne Sorenson Collection

After the Zone 1 downsizing, 108 (by then OES) was transferred from Central to the Campbell Fire Department in 1978. Note the OES logo had replaced the OCD designation on the door by this time.

OES apparatus
Santa Clara County Fire Dept Archive

OES 155, which replaced OES 108 in 1983. Photo September 1983.

Wayne Sorenson Collection

OES 245, which replaced OES155, another engine loaned to Campbell Fire. It was a 1990 Ford 8000/Westates, 1000gpm pump, 750 gallon tank. Shown here at Sunnyoaks station.


OES Engine 249 was a 1993 Spartan/Westates with 1000gpm (3790 l/m) pump and 700 gallon (2650 l) tank. OES249 replaced OES245 in 1993 when the Campbell merged with County Fire.

OES apparatus oes289
right: Wayne Sorenson

OES Engine 289, a 2001 HME, shown at Cupertino station. Right photo 1 March 2002; left photo 2002.

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