Santa Clara County Fire Department

Historic Photographs

As described in the department's history, the department has grown and changed over the years, acquiring some stations, transferring others to other departments, building, upgrading, and modernizing its facilities and equipment. The following photos show what the department used to be like. Many of these photos were taken from historical records, books, or photocopies, so the quality may not be as good as could be desired.

All photos on this website credited as "Official Photograph Santa Clara County" are believed to have been taken by Charles A. Taddo, County Photographer.

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history diagram

Old Campbell Station Historic Departments and Stations

Fire Protection Districts and Fire Departments that merged to form Santa Clara County Fire (see diagram above), or are no longer part of County Fire. These pages also contain written histories of the departments and districts, when known.

Stations no longer in existence or no longer in use by the departments.

Official 1950 area maps of the Central Fire Protection District, the Alum Rock area, the Cottage Grove area, the Los Gatos/Almaden area and the Quito area are available in downloadable/printable format on the form Forms page.

Old Engine 12 Historic Apparatus

Apparatus no longer owned by the department, that cannot be identified as assigned to any specific station. Photos of apparatus that can be identified as assigned to a specific station are shown on those station's pages.

Donning SCBA Historic Action

Historic action photos of the department and its predecessors.

Other Sources

Additional photos of recent fires involving County Fire can be seen at the following websites: has interactive maps showing all fire stations and many fire incidents, with photos, throughout Santa Clara County. Photos are cross-referenced by incident, station, and apparatus.

Emergency (All photos at that site are © Craig Allyn Rose.)

DSX Television Productions (All photos at that site are © Doug F. Smith.)

FloydFire on SmugMug (All photos at that site are © Brian Floyd.)

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