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Learn how to prepare to be on your own for several days after the next large disaster. Training includes review of disaster supply kit, home and workplace preparedness, treating life threatening conditions, fire prevention, fire extinguishers and hazardous materials.

Are You Prepared to...Help yourself...Help your family… and add a little PEP into your life!

When disaster strikes, it may be days before emergency medical, police and fire arrive in your neighborhood. The purpose of this course in Personal Emergency Preparedness is to inform and prepare individuals to be self sufficient for days after an area wide emergency.This course will assist individuals and families to plan and be prepared in event of an emergency or disaster. The Personal Emergency Preparedness course is a 3-hour class designed for families to be able to survive the first 72 hours of a disaster.

EmergPrepRoadEmergency Preparedness topics include:

  • The impact of an area-wide disaster for individuals and community
  • Workplace and home safety
  • Earthquake emergency supplies to have available
  • Fire safety and how to use a fire extinguisher
  • What to do when your phones don’t work; how to contact your family members
  • When and how to turn gas/electrical/water off
  • Household hazardous materials

Please contact SCCFD at (408) 378-4010 or via email and provide your full name, email address, phone number, residential/work address and class date.

PEP Class Schedule:
2017 Schedule

(408) 378-4010 or communityoutreach@sccfd.org