Why YFIP? 

YFIP is an intervention and educational program aimed at reducing the number of fires and burn injuries caused by youth experimenting with fire. The Santa Clara County Fire Investigation Task Force, in cooperation with the Santa Clara County Fire Chief’s Association and the Santa Clara County Police Chief’s Association, established the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program (YFIP) for offenders and at-risk youth who reside in Santa Clara County.

Program Description

YFIP is an educational intervention workshop that targets at-risk youth who have expressed an interest in fire and/or have been involved in firesetting activities. Rather than a punitive approach, areas of focus within this program include: Responsibility, Character Building, Decision Making, Self Esteem, and Fire Safety. Other elements of this program include a consultation and assessment with a mental health professionals as well as tour and orientation meeting at the Valley Medical Center (VMC) Burn Unit. Student participation and parent support are critical elements for the youth’s success in this program.


  • At-risk youth in Santa Clara County who have expressed an interest in fire, and/or are involved in any behaviors which have caused, or have the potential to cause, injuries or damage to property.
  • YFIP Workshop is intended for youth ages 11 to 15.
    For youth younger or older, please call or email to inquire about educational program.

Participation Requirements

  • A referral form must be submitted to YFIP at: YFIP@cityofpaloalto.org - To obtain a referral form, send a request to above email.

  • Youth will receive a confirmation and instructions to contact the Bill Wilson Center at (408) 289-5832 within 24 hours to schedule a consultation for initial in-take and assessment (approximately one-hour) with a Case Manager. This consultation must take place at least 2 week prior to the workshop dates listed below.

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) and the youth must attend a 2-hour orientation meeting on a designated Thursday from 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm (see dates below), which will include:
    • YFIP program overview
    • Tour of the Valley Medical Center Burn Unit facilitated by VMC burn unit staff
    • Burn prevention education and fire safety video presentation
    • Question and answer session

  • Workshop Intervention: youth must attend two designated (consecutive) Saturday sessions. Dates listed below.
    • Youth and parent(s)/guardian(s) must read and sign the Participation Guidelines prior to the workshop. Guidelines will be forwarded prior to orientation meeting.
    • Assignments must be satisfactorily completed in order to receive a course completion certificate.
    • Students are to bring a snack/light lunch to workshops. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will assist his/her youth with homework assignments.
    • In cases where a youth is referred by the Probation Department or the Juvenile Court, additional mental health services may be required, in addition to the YFIP workshop classes.


Workshop is presented by fire department personnel, law enforcement officers, Valley Medical Center Burn Unit staff, and mental health professionals.

To Register

Complete the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program REFERRAL FORM and email it to YFIP@cityofpaloalto.org

2018 YFIP Program Dates

Orientation Meeting and Workshops are held at Valley Medical Center Burn Unit in San Jose.





















All youth will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Youth Firesetter Intervention Program 2017 FLYER

Questions about the YFIP Program: (650) 329-2324 or via email

Parent and Guardian Resources

Parent Project

The tougher it gets to be a kid...the tougher it gets to be a parent.

The Parent Project is a 12-week program that teaches parents effective prevention and intervention techniques to help their teens swim against the tide and grow into safe and competent adults.

Parent Project within Santa Clara County
For More Information Please Contact:
Gloria Maturino
70 West Hedding Street, West WingSan Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 808-3794

Parent Project Flyer (English)
Parent Project Flyer (Spanish)

Bill Wilson Center (BWC) Parenting Workshops

BWC Parenting Workshop focuses on building and strengthening the skills and resources parents need to care for, guide and encourage their children. With an emphasis on communication skills and mutual respect, our curriculum follows the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) program. This program helps parents build meaningful connections with their children so they can better understand the cause of their child's misbehavior.

BWC Parenting Workshop
BWC Services Flyer 

For more information, dates or to register, please contact Bill Wilson Center at (408) 243-0222 and ask for an Intake Counselor.