Loyola Fire Station
765 Fremont Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94024

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Loyola Vista Fire Station

Loyola Station serves the communities of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. Loyola Station protects homes and businesses in the flats near Loyola Corners as well as the hillside properties and vegetation south of Foothill Expressway up to where they meet Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve.


Engine 76
Engine 76 (formerly Engine 16) is a 2010 KME Predator with a 1250gpm (4740 l/m) pump and a 600 gallon (2270 l) tank.paramedic response.

Engine 176
Engine 176 (formerly Reserve Engine 116) is a 1992 Spartan/Hi-Tech 1500gpm (5685 l/m) pumper with 750 gallons (2840 l) of water and two foam units. It formerly served as Engine 6.

Reserve Engine 108
Former Engine 16 is a 2000 KME with a 1250gpm (4740 l/m) pump. It now serves as Reserve Engine 108.

Former Reserve Engine 116
Former Reserve Engine 116 was a 1990 KME/Renegade with a 1500gpm (5685 l/m) pump. It formerly served at El Monte station as Rescue 14. Photo taken December 2002 at the Sunnyoaks training facility.

Former Engine 16
Former engine 16 is a 1988 Pierce/Dash with a 1250gpm (4740 l/m) pump. It now serves as reserve engine 108.

Station History

The Los Altos County Fire Protection District erected Loyola Station in 1953. It was first staffed with two personnel: 1 Captain and 1 Firefighter/Engineer on January 22, 1954. This was the normal staffing level, although there were days that first year when it was staffed by 1 firefighter/ Engineer, and a “Sleeper” [volunteer] at night. During the remainder of 1954, Loyola station ran 196 calls: fire calls – 34 building, 14 rubbish, 8 auto, 60 grass, 3 fence, 2 TVs, 6 washing machine/clothes dryers, 3 haystacks, and 19 service calls, 16 false alarms, 9 resuscitation calls, 15 smoke investigations, 6 auto accidents, and even a call for a gasoline “wash down”. “Wash downs” were stopped in the early 1980’s. To compare response numbers to modern times in 2013, Loyola Station ran 1329 events.

The City of Los Altos incorporated in December of 1952, and the town of Los Altos Hills in 1956. Sometime in the 1950’s the City of Los Altos took control of the Fire Department, which became the “Los Altos Fire Department”, and the remainder of the Los Altos County Fire Protection District contracted with “Los Altos Fire Department” for fire services. Around 1970, as the southern part of Los Altos and the Fire District, changed from fruit orchards to homes, staffing at the station increased to 3 personnel: an Officer, and 2 firefighter/Engineers.

In 1980, the fire department personnel medical training was elevated from first aid to Emergency Medical Technician. In September of 1997, service increased from basic life support to advanced life support with the addition of a “Paramedic” trained Firefighter/Engineer. This was one of the resulting benefits of the merger with “County Fire” on December 30, 1996. Along with increased first alarm structure fire response from 2 Engines, 1 Rescue, and a Battalion Chief from home at night [9 personnel] to 2 Engines, 1 Truck, 1 Battalion Chief, and one special unit, either the Haz Mat or Rescue [15 personnel].

Quick Facts
Built: 1953, rebuilt 2000
Staffing: 3
Engine 76
Engine 176
Size: 2,400 sq. ft. 2-bay, single deep, drive-through