Chief and Staff Biographies

bio photo Fire Chief Ken KehmnaKenneth R. Kehmna, Fire Chief

Chief Kehmna has been in the fire service since 1987, working for the City of Campbell until joining the Santa Clara County Fire Department in 1993. Prior to being appointed Fire Chief, he served in the roles of Deputy Chief of Training, Deputy Chief of Operations, Battalion Chief, Fire Captain, and Firefighter/Engineer-Paramedic. As Fire Chief, he is the Santa Clara County Fire Marshal and serves as Santa Clara County Area Fire and Rescue Coordinator, which is responsible for all fire mutual aid in Santa Clara County. Chief Kehmna is certified as a Fire Officer by the State Board of Fire Services. He holds an Associates degree in Fire Science, a Bachelors degree in Management, and a Masters degree in Executive Fire Service Leadership.

bio photo Asst Fire Chief Tony BowdenTony Bowden, Assistant Fire Chief

Assistant Fire Chief Bowden began his firefighting career with the Los Altos Fire Department in 1996, and joined the County Fire organization later the same year when the City of Los Altos and Town of Los Altos Hills contracted with County Fire for service. As the Deputy Chief of Training, Chief Bowden serves as the Department’s Health and Safety Officer, manages overall training and career development for line personnel, volunteers, and explorers. Chief Bowden’s past assignments have included: Firefighter/Engineer, Paramedic, Fire Captain, Safety Officer, Training Captain, Battalion Chief and Communication Officer. Chief Bowden holds a BS degree in Fire Administration, and he is a state certified Fire Officer, Chief Officer, and Fire Instructor.

bio photo Deputy Chief Steve PrziborowskiSteve Prziborowski, Deputy Chief Operations Division

Chief Prziborowski has proudly served at the Santa Clara County Fire Department since 1995, and has been in the fire service since 1992. As Deputy Chief, Chief Prziborowski's responsibilities include serving as the Department's Health & Safety Officer; assisting with recruitment and promotional testing processes; managing the EMS Coordinator as well as managing overall training, education and career development for department personnel including line personnel, volunteers and explorers. He is a Board Member for the California Fire Chiefs Association, currently serving as the Area 5 (Bay Area) North Director, a member of the Bay Area UASI Advisory Group, and a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs Program Planning Committee for the annual Fire Rescue International conference. He is an adjunct faculty member in the Fire Technology Program at Chabot College (Hayward, CA), a regular speaker at fire service conferences around the country, has authored numerous articles in all of the leading fire service publications, and recently published three career development books: one for candidates preparing for promotion, and the other two for candidates aspiring to obtain a career in the fire service. In 2008, he was selected as the California Fire Service Instructor of the year, and is a former President of the Nor Cal Training Officers Association. He is a state certified Master Instructor and Chief Officer, is designated as a Chief Fire Officer and Chief Training Officer by the Commission on Professional Credentialing, and has completed the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy. He has a Masters degree in Emergency Services Administration, a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, and an Associates degree in Fire Technology.

bio photo Deputy Chief John JusticeJohn Justice, Deputy Chief Fire Prevention Division

Deputy Chief Justice is responsible for fire prevention activities in the seven communities we serve and all areas of unincorporated Santa Clara County, including Stanford University. Chief Justice entered the fire service in 1987. In 1996 he joined the Santa Clara County Fire Department as a Hazardous Materials Specialist in the Fire Prevention Bureau. He promoted to Senior Deputy Fire Marshal and subsequently Senior Hazardous Materials Specialist, where he managed the Department's hazardous material regulatory programs. He served as an incident safety officer (ISO) from the programs inception in 2001 until 2009. Chief Justice also served over 8 years as an executive board member with IAFF Local 1165. In March of 2009, Chief Justice was selected to serve as the fire representative to the Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) management team, a collaboration of bay area agencies supported by FEMA's Department of Homeland Security that develops integrated systems to prevent, protect, respond and recover from acts of terrorism.

In 2010, Chief Justice participated in an international exercise and discussion of shared strategies for the response and recovery to terrorism and natural disasters. This summit included representatives from 25 nations, NATO, and the United Nations. Chief Justice holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from California State University.

bio photo Deputy Chief Daron PisciottaDaron Pisciotta, Deputy Chief Support Services Division

Deputy Chief Pisciotta has proudly served County Fire since 1989. His current responsibilities include facilities, supply services, and maintaining the Department’s fleet of vehicles and emergency apparatus. He currently sits on the FIRESCOPE Safety Specialist Group. Chief Pisciotta’s past assignments have included: Firefighter/Engineer, Fire Captain and Operations Captain, and Battalion Chief. He was a founding member of the Department’s Honor Guard and is now the Honor Guard Coordinator. Chief Pisciotta holds an Associates degree in Fire Science and a BS degree in Fire Administration. He is also a state certified Fire Officer and Chief Officer. 

bio photo Deputy Chief Joe ParkerJoe Parker, Deputy Chief Training Division

Deputy Chief Parker has been in the professional fire service since 1983. His responsibilities include oversight of fire suppression, emergency medical response and rescue activities. Prior to his current appointment, Chief Parker has held the ranks of Battalion Chief, Fire Captain, Firefighter/Engineer and Volunteer Firefighter. He has served in the roles of Training Instructor, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, Acting Deputy Chief, and as the on-site Chief Officer at Saratoga Fire District while helping to facilitate development of a management agreement between County Fire and the Saratoga Fire District. Chief Parker is a founding member of the Santa Clara County Fire Department Honor Guard. He is a certified Fire Officer by the State Board of Fire Services, he holds an Associates degree in Fire Science, and he has completed university-level coursework as he pursues a Bachelors degree in Fire Administration.

bio photo Deputy Chief Suwanna KerdkaewSuwanna Kerdkaew, Deputy Director-County Communications Center

Deputy Director/Deputy Chief Kerdkaew has proudly served Santa Clara County Fire Department since 2002. Her current responsibilities include serving as the interim Deputy Director of Santa Clara County Communications. She has also served as the Santa Clara County EMS Section Chief President and the Santa Clara County EMS Section Chief Co-Chair. Chief Kerdkaew's past assignments for County Fire have included: Firefighter/Engineer-Paramedic, Fire Captain, EMS Coordinator, Staff Battalion Chief in Operations, and as a Battalion Chief in Operations. Chief Kerdkaew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from San Francisco State University and she also possesses a diverse business management background. Deputy Chief Kerdkaew is a state certified Fire Officer and Chief Officer.

bio photo Business Services Director Fred SchulenburgFred Schulenburg, Director of Business Services

Mr. Schulenburg has served as the Department's Director of Business Services since 2008. Prior to joining the Department, Mr. Schulenburg worked for over 20 years in various positions in the City of Santa Clara Finance Department. He holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of California. As Director of Business Services, Mr. Schulenburg directs the Department's programs of Risk Management, Management Information, Employee Benefits, Finance, and Accounting. Mr. Schulenburg is Chair of the Department's Information Technology and Health Plan committees, and also serves as a principal Department representative in labor and other contract negotiations.

bio photo Director of Emergency Mgmt Dana ReedDana Reed, Director of Emergency Management

Mr. Reed is the newest member to our Administrative staff. He is a 29-year fire service veteran, having served with the City of San José as a Deputy Fire Chief in charge of Operations, EMS and Training. During his tenure he served on a Cal-Fire Incident Management Team responding to numerous wildland incidents in California; he was also one the founding members on the Santa Clara County Overhead Support Team and served as the president of the Santa Clara County Operations Chiefs. More recently he served as an Emergency Services Specialist with the NASA Ames Fire Department at the Moffett Field Federal Airfield in Mountain View for three years. He was responsible for emergency operations center readiness, training and emergency management. He is a California State Certified Chief Officer, California Emergency Management Specialist and holds a Bachelors degree in Occupational Studies. Mr. Reed also has an Associates degree in Fire Science and has completed several emergency management courses for terrorism and natural disasters. He is responsible for the Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services (OES), the Santa Clara County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the Santa Clara County Fire Department Emergency Preparedness Program and is a representative to the Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) management team.

bio photo Director of Personnel Services Doug BakerDoug Baker, Director of Personnel Services

Mr. Baker has served as the Department's Director of Personnel Services since 2016. Prior to joining the Department, Mr. Baker worked in various positions in the City of Sunnyvale's Human Resources Department and the City of San Jose's City Manager's Office of Employee Relations. Mr. Baker holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources. As Director of Personnel Services, Mr. Baker directs the Department's recruitment and selection program and oversees employee relations and labor relations. Mr. Baker also serves as a principal department representative in labor negotiations.